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Advantages of Makerbot Real ABS VS Desktop 3D Printer ABS

Whitepaper Advantages of Makerbot ABSABS is one of the most common types of plastic that can be found in consumer goods. However, not all ABS plastics perform the same way when being 3D printed or formed. From variances between heat resistance, durability and overall strength, it is imperative to choose the right material for the job.

How you print your material can be just as important. There are major differences between 3D printers with enclosed material bays/build chambers and those with open build chambers. Closed build chambers, are able to control material heat and moisture in a 360o environment to ensure best material adhesion between each layer, whereas open build chambers will need more adjusting and environmental control to ensure proper printing. 

In this whitepaper, we compare Makerbot Real ABS to the Desktop 3D Printer ABS and the factors that should be considered when choosing your printer and material type.

Topic Overview

    1. Why Engineers Choose ABS
    2. Makerbot Real ABS vs. Desktop 3D Printer ABS
    3. Makerbot ABS User's Application
    4. Method X Key Features

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