Case Study


Customizing a Thunder Roadster Series

By: TriMech

At TriMech, the Engineering Team is always excited about the different products and solutions we offer our clients. From the latest in CAD changes to the newest advancements in additive manufacturing, we like to embrace the use of these technologies for both personal experiences and professional development.

For this multi-part video case study series, we’ve given one of our Senior Application Engineers the keys to TriMech’s entire product portfolio to see how he could use it to make his Roadster-series racecar even faster.  

Square_Case Study_Thunder_Intro  
Part 1 - Introduction
Introduction to the car, driver and the project.
Square_Case Study_Thunder_Scanning  
Part 2 - Scanning

Scanning the full car to get usable custom data.
Square_Case Study_Thunder_Simulaton  
Part 3 - Airflow Simulation

Testing the design in a virtual wind tunnel.
Square_Case Study_Thunder_Prototyping  
Part 4 - Prototyping
Designing and prototyping the modifications.


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