Arbiser Machine Case Study

SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys

Pushing the Limits of On-Demand Parts Manufacturing with Arbiser Machine

Technologies Used: SOLIDWORKS 2017, CAMWorks and Stratasys Fortus 250

SOLIDWORKS to FDM PrototypeArbiser Machine's goal is to reduce the product cycle time, produce parts that are on time and fabricated to the highest standards. Learn how this machine shop based out of Georgia pushes the limits of on-demand parts manufacturing by utilizing the latest 3D technology for their clients. Read the summary and download the full case study below.


Arbiser Machine, a premier parts manufacturing company, specializes in precision CNC machining, electrical discharge machining (EDM), waterjet, engineering and general machine shop services for the Southeastern United States. Since 1964, the company has steadily grown with the manufacturing industry while welcoming 3D technology along the way.

In order to manufacture quality parts that range in complexity for leading engineers all over the country, Arbiser needed flexible design and engineering solutions and the agility to adapt with new technology. They expanded their design efficiency with:

  • SOLIDWORKS Subscriptions service to always be on the latest version of the software and maximize on features like 3D Interconnect
  • CAMWorks to seamlessly connect design and manufacturing processes and instantly respond to any design requests from clients
  • Stratasys Fortus 250mc to reduce time and money spent on developing prototypes the traditional way

Fortus 250"Nothing beats a discussion on production like being able to hold the actual part and discuss challenges to make the part or cost savings from a design tweak."

-Bill McKlveen, President, Arbiser Machine


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